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Screenshot of an ask, “Are you anti-porn or anti-current-porn-industry?” They state they are the second and elaborate. Sorry for lack of better description.






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I… have a lot of feels about how this was answered/handled.                       

I’m not quite sure how much wiggle room I have to talk about this, but I’m not entirely comfortable with people who are vehemently anti-porn. While I do agree with this user’s points about porn reinforcing a lot of myths about women’s sexuality and sexual assault in general, I don’t think it does anyone any good to simply write off the whole industry as misogynistic and barbaric. 

Pornography, in one form or another, has literally been around since human beings first learned how to create art. In every culture, in every society, no matter where you look, you are going to see some form of pornography. I admit that’s a pretty broad statement, but for the most part it is true. For whatever reason, (most) people like seeing other people (or depictions of other people) doing dirty things. Maybe it’s voyeur in all of us, who knows. But what I do know is that if you go around trying to shut down the porn business, not only will you not succeed, you’ll most likely only make things worse for those who are really suffering. 

To me, being absolutely 100% against porn is like cutting off your arm because you need some stitches on your finger. Your fingers may not be bleeding anymore, but now you’ve created an even bigger wound that will take even longer to fix. 

“i’m not sure how much wiggle room i have to talk about this”

that probably should have been your first cue to. just. not.

#of course it’s a dude #sigh #didn’t even refute any of my points and made some shitty ones


Although, I have to agree with their one point: we can’t get rid of the porn industry. It’s sad, but true. I think it’s best to just try and reform it…

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SRS: high Yellow


TW: rape, rape culture, cops Today in Why Arizona Sucks: Flagstaff cop who drunk drove to concert and sexually assaulted civilian woman gets off scot-free.







The judge told the victim, “If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you.” Because apparently, if women go to concerts, they should expect to be sexually assaulted.

Petition for recall of asshole judge:

And reblogging again for said petition. Signal boost this.

This makes me sick, especially because it’s right near home. 

This IS home. Help.

Die, asshole judge.

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SRS: high Blue

tw: rape, a person being raped by their partner, coercion, sexual assault

First post:

Now they sent in:

1. indication that it’s ok, and I can’t ask him to stop in the middle, can I? (Logically, I know the answer is “Yes, you have every right to”, but I can’t bring myself to actually do so)). So that’s not rape, is it? Dubious consent, maybe, but… And it doesn’t happen continually, because him asking and me being really uncomfortable with it have only happened a few times in four years. There is also an issue of him touching me constantly (grabbing my behind and chest).
2. He’s suggested we should have a word for when I am “really” bothered by it, because he can’t tell, he says, but thinking about it tonight… I shouldn’t have to give a word, should I? I mean, if there was real respect, he simply wouldn’t touch me unless he had consent, right?
3. But I can’t leave him. He’s all I have, and without him, I’m completely alone (it’s not some sort of controlling abuse thing, don’t worry—I have avoidant personality disorder and I basically can’t deal with people because social interaction just sets off all my feelings of self-loathing and feeling stupid to a dangerous point. He’s the only person whose social interaction doesn’t trigger me, basically). I’m sorry this is becoming so long. It’s not rape, is it?

I think I only got half or a third of your asks. ETA: Editing, just got 2 more.

1. But to answer what I do have, You can ask him to stop any time you want.

Dubious consent is still rape. Because dubious consent is still not consent. You’ve asked him to stop asking you, and he hasn’t. That makes it his fault and it makes it sexual harassment at the very least.

If you don’t want him to, that’s sexual assault.

2. You are absolutely correct. However, I’d still try it. Maybe if it comes from him then he’ll respect it. (Don’t get your hopes up, but y’know.) Some people just work that way.

3. Then try determining what you need. If you get more positive things out of him than negative, then maybe it’s worth staying. But if you do choose to stay, that’s still not consent, what he’s doing is still wrong, and don’t let anyone blame you for it.


SRS: high Blue

tw: sexual assault of a minor, victim being charged for naming her attackers


17-Year Old Sexual Assault Victim Faces Charges for Naming Her Attackers


Frustrated by a plea bargain she knew nothing about until it was announced in court, Savannah Dietrich tweeted the names of her attackers despite a gag order on her case. I don’t understand why there was a gag order in the first place. Why does admitting you committed a sexual assault (and then published the photos to the internet) grant you protection and privacy?

And then the courts are ALL ABOUT spreading the victims’ information around.

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SRS: Yellow- anon being patronizing, ableist, classist, and racist; claiming that you should only be diagnosed by doctors; the OP tells them this is fail and not cool.


[tw suicide ideation, ableism] Anonymous asked: but you can’t trust self-diagnoses at all! there are so many factors with everything. i’m not going to self-diagnose myself with depression because i have frequent low moods and sometimes want to die. it could be hormones or mood-swings or anything else. obviously people shouldn’t make fun of autism, but do you see what i’m getting at?


(I made this a text post so I could put warnings at the top)

Of course it’s possible to misdiagnose yourself. You could have frequent low moods and suicidal thoughts and be bipolar and not depressed. 

But people should have the power to put a name to what they are experiencing. And they shouldn’t have to pay $3,000 to do it. 

I knew I was depressed and had OCD before I was officially diagnosed. By your standards, I couldn’t be “trusted at all” as being depressed until I was diagnosed at fourteen. 

Saying that people’s self-diagnoses are inherently incorrect is patronizing, ableist, classist, and racist. 

Don’t YOU realize how many systems work against people trying to get diagnosed? 

If you’re a POC, you’re actually more likely to be misdiagnosed by a doctor who might interpret a very valid negative reaction to white people as a delusional state!

I’m privileged, I come from a wealthy family and can afford prescription medication and the official recognition that a diagnosis provides. 

Don’t take it away from those who don’t have that privilege. 

tw: sexism, sexual assault, falsely diagnosing victims, silencing victims.

I’d also like to mention that it’s sexist as well- for example, women who report sexual assault in the military are diagnosed with all kinds of mental illnesses to shut them up and kick them out.

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Warning: mentions of abuse and sexual assault

For the day/night people, and because this is extremely important.

Ah, can someone image describe this, please?

Thank you, p-3a!

Power & Control Wheel: People with Disabilities and Their Carers

[The wheel has a white circle in the middle, with “POWER & CONTROL” written on it. Around the circle are 8 (eight) equally split, grey pie-slices with the following titles on each, clockwise from the top:]


Raising a hand or using looks, actions, or gestures to create fear. Destroying property and abusing pets. Mistreating service animals. Displaying weapons.


Punishing or ridiculing. Refusing to speak and ignoring requests. Ridiculing the person’s culture, traditions, religion, and personal tastes. Enforcing a negative reinforcement program or any behavior program the person doesn’t consent to.


Controlling access to friends, family, and neighbors. Controlling access to phone, TV, news. Limiting employment possibilities because of caregiver schedule. Discouraging contact with the case manager or advocate.


Denying or making light of abuse. Denying the physical and emotional pain of people with disabiltiies. Justifying rules that limit autonomy, dignity, and relationships for program’s operational efficiency. Excusing abuse as behavior management or as due to caregiver stress. Blaming the disability for abuse. Saying the person is not a “good reporter” of abuse.


Using medication to sedate the person for agency convenience. Ignoring equipment safety requirements. Breaking or not fixing adaptive equipment. Refusing to use or destroying communication devices. Withdrawing care or equipment to immobilize the person. Using equipment to torture people.


Using person’s property and money for staff’s benefit. Stealing. Using property and/or money as a reward [or] punishment in a behaviour program. Making financial decisions based on agency or family needs. Limiting access to financial information and resources resulting in unnecessary impoverishment.


Treating person as a child, servant. Making unilateral decisions. Defining narrow, limiting roles and responsibilities. Providing care in a way that accentuates the preson’s dependence and vulnerability. Giving an opinion as if it were the person’s opinion. Denying the right to privacy. Ignoring, discouraging, or prohibiting the exercise of full capabilities.


Threatening to hurt the person; withhold basic suport and rights; terminate relationship and leave the person unattended; report noncompliance with the program; use more intrusive equipment. Using consequences and punishments to gain compliant behavior. Pressuring the person to engage in fraud or other crimes.

[Around the grey slices is a black “tyre” to the wheel, with “Physical VIOLENCE Sexual” written at the top and bottom of it.]

[At the bottom of the image, outside of the wheel, are the following credits:]

Developed by:

Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence

307 S. Paterson St., Suite 2, Madison, WI 53703


Based on the model by the Domestic Violence Intervention Project, Duluth, MN.

Produced and distributed by:

[Three overlapping blue circles of different shades and transparencies, as the organisation’s logo.]


on Domestic and Sexual Violence

training - consulting - advocacy

7800 Shoal Creek, Ste 120-N - Austin, Texas 78757

tel: 512.407.9020

fax: 512.407.9022

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tw for victim blaming, rape/sexual assault, pedophilia, internalized victim blaming, referring to victims of rape/sexual assault as “the unclean, the unnecessary, the unwanted,” attempted erasure/murder of victims, forcing someone under their power to ‘do anything’ for someone they don’t like (including offering sex), sexism, murder.

TL;DR: The anime thinks Ciel is “unclean” because he was raped/sexually assaulted. Plus, it does some other fail stuff.

So, the manga and anime are COMPLETELY different. Except for what happened the night Ciel met Sebastian, plus very few other details, I would think that they just took the plot and threw it out, and took the character designs and reused them for almost completely different characters.

The split was interesting enough that I actually watched some of it. They actually kept Grell as a transwoman! Then I got to the puppet episode, or episode 11, “His Butler, However You Please.” Now, I could go on about how they were horrible for mishandling a lot of elements only fans would care about. But there’s something more important that needs to be focused on. Note that I don’t remember things in order or very well; I’m just doing this to get the basics down.

In the puppet episode, their first offense is when Ciel is apparently so desperate for help that he tells Grell if she helps him, he’ll give Sebastian to her for a day and she can do anything she likes to him. Yeah, you read that right. ANYTHING.

Their second offense was with Elizabeth. She’s supposed to be an epic swordsperson. She somehow got kidnapped and knocked out anyway. Ciel and Sebastian go to save her. *hates sexism*

EDIT for clarity: Anyone can get kidnapped and knocked out. But who they are and what they can do does kind of dictate how it has to be done to succeed, and the anime treated Elizabeth like she was untrained and timid rather than accounting for her skills and personality.

So. They go. They save her. Whatever.

They follow the half-dead puppet butler into his master’s room. He collapses and they walk past him.

Ciel goes to speak to the master, who is actually this tiny puppet sitting in a large doll’s lap. It shrieks at him, “SNUFF OUT THE UNCLEAN, THE UNNECESSARY, THE UNWANTED!” over and over again as it runs away.

It turns out that it works for Angela, an Angel who is obsessed with snuffing out ‘the unclean, the unnecessary, the unwanted.’

This would be fine if it were just her, and it were about the horrible culture of the church. It isn’t.

Some back story before we continue: Ciel was kidnapped when he was ten. His parents were killed and his mansion burned down to the ground. The series never clarifies if he was raped or “just” sexually assaulted, but it’s pretty clear that one of the two happened. Other horrific things happened to him, but lets focus on those.

Now, later on in the series, Ciel confronts Angela and they have their supposedly epic battle of words. Throughout these entire episodes, it’s all about how children are “pure” and adults are “unclean” and have to be purified.

Again, this would be fine if it were about the evils of the church, and the series tries to put the focus on those.

But nothing will take away what’s really happening. Ciel constantly thinks he’s unclean, (therefore he’s also unnecessary and unwanted), and the series does everything it can to reinforce that. The only way to get rid of his “uncleanliness?” Let go of his hatred.

That’s right folks, the cure to “uncleanliness!” Just forgive and forget! Who cares that your parents were killed when you were ten! Get over it! Your mansion burned down? Old news! Kidnapped and all the horrible things that went with that? Totally irrelevant!

Seriously. Where the manga made Ciel into someone who made a deal with a demon to survive, the anime makes Ciel into a horrible, “unclean” person who is dragging everyone around him down to hell.