SRS: Yellow

TW: people being afraid to come out as plural, bigotry against plurals

I know a prominent SJ activist on tumblr. They recently came out to me as being part of a plural system. I asked them, mostly out of curiosity, why they weren’t open about it.

They told me that they knew that if they came out, all of their credibility would vanish. Everything they’d written on -isms, justice, every person they’d helped or educated, nothing would matter once people found out they shared their head with others. Given the state of tumblr’s opinion on plurals, I had to agree.


Can we stop being fail about plurals now?

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    This. So much this. The “you have to play blackout bingo or you’re not Valid for whatever disability or...
  3. kyanve answered: thank you so much. It starts feeling like you have to black out a bingo card just to get accepted, and it’s honestly ridiculous.
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  5. rat-trails answered: You’re my hero.
  6. apinballwizard answered: no
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    (Bolding mine.) Exactly! You’ve written this beautifully! Thank you.
  9. 2ndversesameasthe1st answered: Hey, let said person know that my blog is v. much plural friendly if they ever wanna talk :)
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    I’m not plural, but this is one of the main reasons I am not out as otherkin on Facebook and such places: I fear that...
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    This is something that interests me. It’s not specific to plural and otherkin, though that particular bit does show up...